We would like to inform you that we achieved the quality certification AQC, specific for the leather for the watchstraps production. It certifies:

• Commitments to protect the environment

• Employees rights compliance

• Compliance with health and safety at work

• Traceability

• Leather traceability

• Change management

• Non-conformity management


We also made a definition of the characteristics of sustainability and respect for the environment for the ‘full cycle’ vegetable tanning of ‘Monteverdi’, with the cooperation of the University of Florence and the technological centre PO.TE.CO. in Santa Croce sull’Arno.
Sustainability and degradability will be the enhancement topics of our articles.
Below, the logo identifying the results of the research:


Sustainable vegetable leather:

Identifies the Monteverdi sustainable full cycle vegetable tanning.


Allergenic Metal Free: 

The test performed doesn’t show the release of heavy metals on the strap surface.



The tests to verify the degradability of vegetable tanned leathers have been carried out at the PO.TE.CO. – Tanning Technological Pole (Santa Croce sull’Arno, Pi). The results of the tests indicate a degradability of about 90% for the leather.



a) due to the absorption of heavy metals or che-mical molecules from the process phases as it is certified as wholly vegetable tanning, b) for exhalations of volatile molecules controlled as a product-induced release and c) for the evaluation of the presence of heavy metals in contact with the human skin.


Cruelty Free:

We use only hides from animals used for the meat production. It is therefore a sustainable process since the slaughtering waste constitutes the raw material for the leather production.


Min. water usage:

The use of process water, in accordance with innovation and sustainability projects, currently foresees the complete use of exhausted bath water for fertigation purposes and possible purposes of use as antimicrobials in green agriculture.

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