The Monteverdi Tannery

founded its origins back in 1955, thus placing itself among the historic tanning companies of our. territory.
Back then the production was carried out on the sides, with vegetable tanning in glazed leather, a leather used for the production of leather goods and footwear.
Over time, production has changed according to the needs of fashion, creating and developing new avant-garde items, aimed at satisfying an increasingly refined market segment.
In addition to marketing throughout Europe, Monteverdi serves international markets such as the USA and Asia, and its presence in the major trade fairs of the sector gives rise to a detailed sales network which makes it, with its own trademark, now registered, present on all markets.
The range of articles of current production is specialized in vegetable tanning and includes leathers for leather goods, footwear, and interior furnishings.

Mano-bianca-600x600VEGETABLE TANNING
Vegetable tanning has an ancient tradition and reached its maximum splendor in Tuscany. For centuries, Tuscan tanners have handed down the artisan tradition, now a combination of ancient recipes and advanced technology, bringing raw hides to become leather, in total respect for nature.
Vegetable tanning is the most traditional, recognizable, the only one capable of imparting unmistakable properties to the leather, the most natural, the most respectful of ecology, which makes the product unique.
Monteverdi_1920x1280Tannin, the active principle which transforms the animal dermis into a compact and resistant material which stands the test of time, is the foundation of vegetable tanning. It is the tannins which give the leather the same “leather scent” and the smell leather is something unrepeatable, which gives a feeling of naturalness to the final product.
The best known and oldest tannin is the chestnut extract, equally widespread is the extract of Quebracho, a tree found mainly in Argentina. The vegetable tanned leather absorbs the traces of our. lived. It ages, but it doesn’t get ruined. Choosing a product made with this leather means owning an article that is the expression of a philosophy, of a unique lifestyle.

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